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Dive into the Memory Palace: A Journey Through Shared Experiences

At Immerse Studio, we believe that shared experiences and our interactions with each other form the essence of who we are. They create connections that shape our identity, and it's these connections that inspired our latest event, "Memory Palace." Held in December 2023

in Hollywood, this event was a celebration of how sharing individual memories can create a lasting shared experience.


"Memory Palace" explored how shared experiences build and reinforce connections between people. These connections, in turn, influence our own identities and create a sort of ‘collective consciousness’. As time passes, these memories fade unless they are kept alive by those who experienced them. Our project aimed to visually represent this process, eliciting an emotional connection to life's often unseen parts and highlighting how interconnected we all are through our shared interactions.

The Installation

Our event featured a large interactive projection-mapped space that simulated people (represented by simple shapes) moving through a virtual environment. Events within the simulation created connections between these shapes, pulling them together and shifting the overall environment. As each shape's lifetime ended, it disappeared, severing its connections. When no connections remained to an event, it too vanished from the simulation.

Upon entry, guests received geo-tracking wristbands, each associated with a unique color. These tags allowed guests to interact with stations throughout the space, spawning groups of “people” with their color into the simulation. Additionally guests were able to contribute a significant memory to the space, such as ‘camping as a child’ or ‘snuggling with my dog’, which were intermittently projected into the main installation throughout the night.

Experience Highlights

  • Interactive Projections: The fully projection-mapped space transformed as guests moved and interacted, creating a dynamic visual representation of shared experiences.

  • Wearable Technology: Guests wore tracking tags that recorded their movements and interactions, displayed as connections on the walls.

  • Meaningful Experiences: Guests could share brief descriptions of significant life events, which were incorporated into the simulation as part of the visual narrative.

  • Supporting Art Installations: Various complementary interactive installations explored themes of memory, shared experiences, and interpersonal connections.

Behind the Scenes

"Memory Palace" was a proof of concept, executed entirely by Immerse Studio with a budget of under $5,000. This project was the culmination of years of coding work, beginning in 2016. The main installation was built in TouchDesigner, using custom C++ and GPU shaders to simulate a virtual world. Real-time tracking data from the guests was fed into an algorithm that calculated positions and found clusters of people. That, in turn, influenced the behavior of the virtual people in the simulation, causing them to pull towards particular people to varying degrees. As the simulation evolved, people in close proximity became further linked by shared experiences, forging deeper connections to each other.

Supporting Artists and Installations

In addition to the main installation, Memory Palace featured a variety of immersive installations in smaller studio spaces. We had the privilege of collaborating with numerous talented artists, each adding to the richness of the experience. 

Thank you to all of our contributing artists Adam Mutchler, Will Michaelson, Davant Systems, P.a_I_interactive, Cutmod, Cat Callaghan; to our talented DJs Tel Quel, Da Moth, and Jeff Mission, to Pexel and Controlled Burn Productions for lighting and ambiance, and to Matchbox Giant Studio for offering their space!

Join Us for Future Events

"Memory Palace" was an unforgettable evening that invited participants to dive into an interactive memory experience, celebrating the pivotal personal and interpersonal moments that make us who we are. Stay tuned for more innovative projects from Immerse Studio, where we continue to push the boundaries of technological artistry.


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