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High-Tech Harmony: Microsoft and Interscope's Pre-Grammys Event Powered by Immerse

In the heart of the entertainment world, Microsoft and record label Interscope Records hosted an exclusive pre-Grammys party, showcasing the cutting edge of entertainment technology. With only 150 select guests in a secluded getaway, this intimate event featured live 3D mapping, brought to life through an innovative collaboration with Immerse.

The event saw performances by Dermot Kennedy, Elah Hale and The Last Artful, Dodgr. Central to the evening's technological spectacle was Microsoft's Azure Kinect DK, a 3D camera setup that captured live footage of the performing artists and transformed it into 3D point clouds. These digital representations were then styled and manipulated in real-time by the Immerse team, creating dynamic and interactive background visuals that moved in time with the spectacular performances.

Immerse Studio was specially selected to take this cutting edge technology and spin it into a moving artwork. This event marked the first time artists had the opportunity to explore a custom 360-degree capture system, pushing the boundaries of live entertainment. The visual appeal of the performances was significantly enhanced, allowing for a unique fusion of music and interactive digital art. Immerse, along with the Azure coding team, ensured that the technology ran smoothly, providing state-of-the-art support that showcased the capabilities of the Azure Kinect DK.

The success of this event is a testament to the transformative power of technology when combined with creative vision. This pre-Grammys party wasn’t just a celebration of music; it was a celebration of the future of live entertainment. Immerse, in partnership with Microsoft and Interscope, provided an unforgettable experience for the attendees, demonstrating how technology can revolutionize the arts and set a new precedent for live performances.

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