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Immerse Studio Projection Mapping Brings Troye Sivan's 'Bloom' to Life at Exclusive Spotify Listening Event

Culver City Hills played host to an unforgettable experience for Troye Sivan fans, courtesy of Spotify and the expert projection mapping team at Immerse Studio. The exclusive event celebrated the release of Troye Sivan's album "Bloom" with a unique twist: an immersive projection mapping spectacle that transformed the venue into a visual and auditory wonderland.

Spotify aimed to create an extraordinary experience for Troye Sivan’s top fans, and the Immerse team was brought in to execute a custom projection mapping setup that would bring their vision to life. The event took place inside a custom dome, specially designed for the occasion. This dome, constructed from inflatable cells, required a precise and adaptive approach to projection mapping, ensuring that the visuals would seamlessly integrate with the constantly shifting surfaces.

Using only two high-powered projectors, the Immerse team was able to skillfully cover the entire inner surface of the dome. This feat required not just technical expertise but also creative finesse, as the projections had to dynamically adapt to the dome's unique structure throughout the evening. In addition to achieving precision projection mapping, the team also supported the event by managing content playback and adapting to live changes in the set list as requested by the artists.

The result was a mesmerizing display that captivated attendees, creating a fully immersive environment that complemented Troye Sivan’s music perfectly. Fans were enveloped in an audio-visual journey of “Bloom”, enhancing their connection to the music through the immersive environment we helped create.

Here's a behind the scenes look at this incredible venue!


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